Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage units are the best way to store your items that require the temperature to stay constant year round. At 700 Block Storage, we have many different sizes of units that are located inside of our 5 story building that are temperature controlled.

Climate controlled storage facilities continuously circulate the air so that the air remains clean. By keeping your storage unit from getting too hot or too cold, you can be sure your items stay preserved. Climate controlled storage maintains levels of temperature, humidity and air quality. At 700 Block Storage, depending upon outside weather, temperatures stay between 55 and 85 degrees fahrenheit.

Self storage units are a great place to store many items that don’t handle fluctuations in temperature.

A few suggestions of what items need climate controlled storage:
  • Wood furniture could crack or warp if exposed to moisture. Plus, any furniture that has leather or fabric on them is susceptible to mold if moisture is present.
  • Electronics can begin to rust in humid conditions. This will reduce the conductivity. Since most electronics are expensive, it is wise to invest in climate controlled storage.
  • Documents and photographs can be damaged if not stored properly. All photos and financial records should have climate controlled storage. Paper on stamps and comic books collections could be affected by moisture.
  • Musical instruments frequently contain wood and/or electronics. Moisture can damage them if they are not stored properly.
  • Clothing could also be impacted by mold and mildew. Climate controlled storage should be used when you have clothing that needs special care.
If you need additional information on our climate controlled storage facility, please call our office or send us an email and we will be happy to help you find a climate controlled storage unit that’s for you.
Climate Controlled Storage